June 23, 2009

My Next Trip......

I still have another 5 months to make my dream comes true.
Here i come...Europe Trip.

Insya Allah on this coming November i will be flying off to Europe. Only a budget travelling.
Flight ticket to UK has been made and now i am searching for budget accomodation and transportation. One site i might want to check out is Eurail Saver Pass which offers a variety of rail passes for all of Europe.

Planning your travel can be a big hassle. I need to know what things to pack, what things i should not miss, and what i should bring in order to have better travel and a good time at my destination. I am travelling to Europe in 2 weeks and over all going to cover 5 countries/ big cities : London, Brussels, Swiss, Amsterdam and Paris.

Why i travel in November??
Whenever possible, travel during the off-peak season. Because i will find much better bargains on airfare and hotel costs and also i can avoid the rush of other travelers. The best tip for saving money in Europe is to book your vacation during the off-season. Summer is generally busy everywhere, so booking in fall and winter can save you a ton of money, plus you won't have to fight the crowd.

Anyway, I'm quite nervous this time around, even though I've travelled few times before. So I'm wondering if anyone could give me any good tips, travelling blog or share with me your travelling experience to Europe.

Whoever has any tips on travelling the Europe, feel free to give me any tips whatsoever. Hope there'll be some good tips from you guys. Your help is highly appreciated.

1. London, UK

2. Paris, France

3. Amsterdam, Netherland

4. Switzerland

5. Brussels, Belgium

p/s : Fuhhhh...berpeluh kumpul duit.


Buzu Ediany said... sis i'm so adore ur travel map...europe huh this round??...actually for budget accomodation u can find our Malaysian who staying there...normally they will offer u to stay @ their house....

@xiM said...

selamat travel in advance!!


Leez said...

Buzu -

Thanks sis. I have friend staying in London and it shouldnt be a problem for me. But, am thnking of my accomodation in Brussles, Amsterdam, Paris n Swiss. Planning to stay at budget hostel. Huhuhu...ok lah tu!!!!

Leez said...

Axim -

Huhuhu.....jom...nak ikut?

Serimelanau said...

Hello, Leez, I follow your blog I went to Europe in 2004. In Armsterdam you have to be extra careful cos' they take 'drugs' freely..there are many blacks around seems scarry to me. Food at armterdam is ok, u can get some indonesian stuffs in the supermarket & kebab is halal (algiers). Swiss should go to Pilatus or at least Mt. Titlis and ofcourse spare some money to buy swiss watch..good price. Paris..beautiful...sightseeing. London ofcourse plenty to see you can purchase bus ticket hop on/off valid for 24hrs @GBP25 and using the subway is very easy. Since u are going to london to extend your trip up to liverpool, manchester...upto scotland. covenience to travel. Since u r travelling in november be ready with winter clothes...

Enjoy...your trip..

Leez said...

Hi Serimelanau -

Thanks for visiting my blog. Wow...its so interesting. I can't wait anymore. Good tips.
Thanks, anyway.

orangrawa said...

Leez....u can check out some places/tips from my trip to europe jugak. I pun planning to go to Paris and Barcelona dalam raya ni...kalau cuti approve le.

Myra Abdul Mutalib said...

Hello Syarliz,

Try The Ibis for cheap hotels. We stayed at the Ibis in Brussels and from Brussels took a day trip to Amsterdam.

London Ibis is also quite good tapi a bit far from Oxford kena ambik tube. Shouldn't be a problem as tubes are efficent and easily understood.

Have fun and halal food in London are plenty..