April 20, 2009

Scuba Diving - to be my first experience

Scuba diving can be a very interesting hobby and has been a recreational activity for most people. It offers a wonderful way to view the beautiful underworld of any ocean. There are many places that offer the chance for scuba diving.

But then, I was so curious why people love diving so much. They all say that under the sea is like a totally different world, yet a beautiful one. And I finally made up my mind to get first time experience in scuba diving.

It has been so long to try out scuba diving and it is like a dream come true for me when I heard there is a diving package at Tanjung Benoa, Bali and cheap some more as compared the rate in Malaysia. And for that, I'm taking my risk to feel the experience. It sounds that it’s not as 'easy' as it seems to be. Its only to take experience and not the licence yet. Hope I would take chance to get diving PADI license one day, Insya Allah.

So I'll talk a bit more about my experience once back from my vacation to Bali this coming May.


Lily.Lulu said...

akak .. nanti share dengan kita info pasal diving ni yer

i'm going there july ni ..


Leez said...

Oooo...sudah semestinya. Nanti i share info pasal diving ni.

Nanti juga lupa visit my blog for Bali updates.