December 26, 2008

My Former Friend of BBGS

20 tahun masa telah berlalu. Finally, i find out my former friend of BBGS at Facebook. Ya Allah, seronoknya. Fariza Aman is my x-classmate when i was in Form 3. We were in the same class for 2 years (Form 2 and 3). Then, after result of SRP, i was being offered to MRSM Jasin. Masa tu sedihnya berpisah dengan kawan-kawan. But demi ngejar cita-cita to stay at bolding school....cewahh....ku teruskan jua cita-cita ku itu ...hehehe.
After chit chat via phone, we were planning to met up somewhere at Jalan Ampang, So, me and Fariza had lunch at Porto Romano Restaurant, Ampwalk which is same building with her office. Fariza is married with 3 boys and now expecting a baby. Macam-macam cerita kami bualkan termasuklah pasal our former friends, cikgu kat BBGS, hal kerja, family and etc. Fariza said she is planning to organize a reunion with our friends of BBGS at Rahsia Bistro might be after Chinese New Year next year. Tak sabarnya nak jumpa kawan-kawan lama. Most of them are success with their career and family. Ada yang working at overseas.

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