December 2, 2008

Day 9 (3rd Nov) : Amazing Turkey !

Day 9 : Istanbul - Bahrain - KL

Today is the final day of this trip. Our flight to Bahrain was scheduled at 2.20 pm. So, we still got time for shopping mania on that entire morning before get ready with packed luggage to Istanbul Attartuk Airport. I've no more left Lira notes and USD notes still can be used for shopping. This country can accept Lira or USD. After breakfast, managed to jalan-jalan at shop lots nearby hotel. Actually, the hotel (Kecik Hotel) that we stayed, known as the best location for shopping. I bought 2 pieces of very nice table cloth (30 USD - 1 pcs), cushion cover (5 USD) and baju tidur (5 USD). Its winter season coming soon and most of the shops are selling good bargain for winter coats and boots.

at one of the shop lots
still early morning, not so many people around this area
wow...nice winter coats
the shop lots
ok....ready with my packed hotel lobby
bags every where....

the hotel....Kecik Hotel ...memang kecik pun....
waiting for coach.....

our group members yang sangat
at airport.... look at the bags behind me
time to checked-in...... at airport
look at busy make arrangement for luggages and tickets
look at the back.....portrait of Kamal Attartuk....
our last day with Atilla....very nice guy.....miss u, Atilla
last photo session with Atilla...
Bye..bye...hope to see you back in Istanbul soon
photo session with Hj Othman, our tour leader...
really miss the moment in Turkey
Bye Bye Istanbul
Turkey in memories.............
Things that I still remember about Turkey
1. Beautiful Mosque in Turkey - Blue Mosque, Green Mosque and Grand Mosque
2. Turkish People - so eager to have photo snapping with us. They are very friendly and romantic (the guys).
3. Food - Kebab, Bread, Salad with Olive oil, Pumpkin Soap and Honey + Yogurt
4. Turkish Tea - Apple tea and Green tea
5. Turkish Delights - Barklava and Lokum
6. Beautiful Scenery - Pamukkale (Cotton Castle), Cappadocia (Flintstone House) and Bolu (forest)
7. Hot Air Balloon - Cappadocia
8. Boshphorus Straits - Asian and European side
9. Historic of Ottoman Empayar - Mevlana Museum, Hagia Sophia Museum and Topkapi Palace
10. Weather - autumn season at 5 degree celcius


gadhogadho said...

amboi 3x... dah rindu kat atilia ke? hahahaha!!

table runner apa yg sampai USD 30 tu?? wajib ko display kat sini.

Leez said...

Gadhogadho - Yea, mestilah rindu. Rindu banget dehh!!! Naper?? Jeles ke? Muahahaha!!!