December 10, 2008

Day 3 : Jalan-jalan to Johor Bahru and Singapore

Pagi tu tidur 3-4 jam sahaja, Then, busy kemas bag semua. After check-out, we headed back to KL. Then, stopped by at company's branch office in Batu Pahat. I have something to do here. After that, perut pun dah lapar and thinking of to eat Nasi Beriani Johor. So, my bro contact his friend who is staying in Batu Pahat. He took us to Nasi Beriani Power but sedihnya dah habis. It was 4.00pm at that time. Hmmm ...patutlah dah habis. Then, he took us to another restaurant of nasi beriani. The second best in Batu Pahat. Oklah...not bad. But he said, Nasi Beriani Power lagi power...ramai org KL dtg BP semata2 nak makan nasi beriani tu. Wahhh....bagus punya business.

with my mum
Daniel very busy with toys...
lya and idham....hmmm lapar ke???

Then, headed to Muar. Terpaksalah ikut Muar because it will be long distance if we took PLUS Highway. Sampai Muar, barulah exit to highway. Ya Allah, I was so sleepy and tersengguk-sengguk masa driving. So, i minta tolong from my bro, Idham driving back to KL.

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