July 19, 2009

Shout Awards !!!

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Thanks to my bro, Idham for the ticket.
Wahhh...very happening, superb and really enjoy the show.
Somtimes kan...kita kena open sikit minda kita mendengar this kind of music. Asik dengar lagu mendayu-dayu and tangkap leleh pun boring gak.
Actually i love indie band music. Lagi-lagi if that indie band came from Indonesia. Wahhh....memang i like their music, song and performance. As you all know, i love music and if i attend to any kind of concerts or shows, i will definitely enjoy it.

That night, i enjoy performance by Jacklyn Victor which is tribute to Michael Jackson, from Estranged, Bunkface and yang paling gempak from Sean Kingston. Live from Bukit Jalil. Giler enjoy music dia. Dia ni perform tak payah lompat sana sini but audience dah puashati. His music memang cater for orang muda yang suka fresh music , modern and especially the song Beautiful Girl. Memang malam tu i and my cousin, Yat enjoy giler lah. After the show, we all lepak lagi kat Pelita Ampang sampai jam 2 pagi.

kat luar stadium bukit jalil
with my cousin, Yat

ramai giler.....multi racial, ages and gender

bunkface ...... diminati ramai...

the crowds

mc....marion and jean

nabil and apek yang kelakar...

rahim maaruf..... welcome back..

nikki and sheila oiam


upin and ipin...cute...

dynas menang...

MJ're not alone

rehat jap...posing lagi

sean kingston show.....superb

Beautiful Girl............

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