November 23, 2008

Day 6 (31st Oct) : Amazing Turkey !

Day 6 : Cappadocia and Bolu

Early morning at 5.00 am we were at hotel lobby , can see smiles on our face that we were ready to fly on the air. What was that? The 10 of us were finally confirmed that would be flying the hot air balloon over Cappadocia. It looked like the weather was on our side. This was an optional tour and those who are willing to joint the experience with hot air balloon need to pay about 220 USD. I have been told that this hot air balloon ride is one of the cheapest of balloon rides over the world. So, I took this opportunity to feel the experience. Have a look at the pictures.

it was cold.....
can see smile on our face
ready to get into the basket
wahh.... we were in already
full with 20 persons in one basket...from our group only 10 of us jointed this ride
me and sha.....berdebar-debar tu....
ready to go
the hot air balloon
the rock scenery on top
from left : liz, sha and kak izan
on air....
wah...very nice....the colourful hot air balloon
i like this photo...peace
very nice scenery



form left : Dr Siti, Sha, Liz, Kak Izan and Siti
the Flinstone taken from the hot air balloon

very happy....
see...we were on air ride
the rock valley....
very fantastic...rock valley

landing time.....see how they control the balloon on ground
safely landed.......
cheers...come joint us for drinks...
a certificate from the pilot

After 2 hours spent time on the hot air balloon, we back to hotel. Took breakfast and ready with packed bags to continued with next destinantion, Ankara and Bolu. From here on, we started our journey towards Ankara. I realised then, from looking at the map we were on our second half of our journey - homeward bound. But as yet there was still much to be seen and captured. I was certainly looking forward to visiting the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

time to checked hotel lobby
In Ankara, we stopped for lunch at a restaurant located at railway station. After prayer we went straight into Ankara, where we visited the Mustapha Kamal Attartuk Mausoleum. The place was impressive; the museum portraying the various aspects of his life.

restaurant where we had lunch in Ankara
lunch time
the railway station in Ankara
railway station
car plat number in Turkey
About Ankara
1. Population = 5 million
2. Known as 'City of Attartuk'
3. The second biggest city in Turkey
4. Formerly, Ankara was a capital of Turkey
5. Mustafa Kamal Attartul Mausoleum

Then, we visit to Mustafa Kamal Attartuk Mausoleum. The picture gallery that portrayed his victory into transforming Turkey to what it is today, a fully secular muslim nation, tells the sad tale of the end of the Muslim. Looking at their lifestyle of the king, it was understandable for Mr Kamal to want to rid the country of their powers and influence. But unfortunately he went too far I think in totally wiping out the Islamic culture. The Islamic alphabets changed to the Turkish alphabets, and having the azan be recited in Turkish. This is such a pity, because Mr Kamal against the true Islamic principles. In trying to 'free' Turkey from everything, he had imprisoned the minds of the youngsters from understanding and opening up to the real beauty of true Islam. When i discussed this matter with Atilla, the tourist guide, he's opinion against with what we Malaysian are thinking. For him, most of the Turkish here are so proud with Mustafa Kamal Attartuk. Well, pity to Turkish!!!!!

Atilla explained something about this mausoleum
at the mausoleum
our tour leader, Hj Othman with Turkish chidren
local tourist at the mausoleum
the tomb where Kamal Attartuk is laid to rest
seriousnya cik abang ni.... :)
City of Attartuk...Ankara
posing at background of the city
camera not allowed in the this photo taken surrounding the mausoleum
Mustafa Kamal Attartuk Mausoleum
view from the outside
autumn in Ankara

Then, we continued our journey. Late evening we finally made it to Bolu, one final stop before headed to Istanbul for the next destination.
stopped by at cafe for Turkish Apple Tea
bed room at hotel in Bolu


gadhogadho said...

fuyoooo!! nikit belon!!... gayat ke idak?

Leez said...

idok ler lagi. Sib baik angin ok. If angin kencang, silap2 aku boleh sampai Georgia.

Anonymous said...

mustafa kamal atartuk, the laknatullah..
org yahudi yg pura2 memeluk islam..bumi pon x terima jasad dia..
semoga menjadi pengajaran kepada pemimpin seluruh dunia..
neway, nice pics u got there..i've been wondering wats it like to b in a place like istanbul, thanks a lot! the hot air balloon looks awesome..hope i'll get a ride..

Anonymous said...

Leez. it's USD220 per person for the balloon ride or per baloon...kalau perperson..teruk sikit lah kalau pergi the whole family

Anonymous said...

Leez...just wanna baloon = USD220 per baloon or per person..kalau per person macam flight ticket pula..