November 21, 2008

Day 5 (30th Oct) : Amazing Turkey !

Day 5 : Cappadocia
So much happening in Cappadocia because there is so much to see, to tell and to share. Today is the highlighted of the trip. We will be staying here for two nights.
Early morning as usual, busy photo snapping around the hotel ground. Our first destination here off course the Cappadocia itself.

our breakfast for today
i like the decoration of this hotel.... traditional and unique...
posing at grape tree....but grape not there....end of season
entrance of the unique
guess??? what is this??
this tree was nearby the hotel....
got the answer???? :P
at this time the weather was so cold..... at night it was 5 degree
Our first destination, stop at home carpet weaving industry. They give a brief introduction and explanation on how carpet are dyed for their colourful effects. Normally it would take 5 years plus energy spent on weaving a single silk carpet. It was hand made and no machine made okay!! When its ready, wow... very beautiful hand woven carpet and it can lasting for 300 years. But, lets not mention the price okay! Dont ask if u dont have money. Its more than thousand.

A brief introduction on how carpets are dyed for their colourful effects
Dyed thread to be woven into carpets
the silk cocoon
with Turkish lady
weaving carpet industry
mari! mari! pilih yang berkenan di hati....
other members busy with the carpets but i'm busy with snapping photos.....
every angle can see me
to serve turkish apple tea is their tradition to entertain visitors
nice background
wah!! nice scenery.....its autumn season

From there, we were taken around the valley and Undergraound City of Kaymakli. Atilla our guide, gave a brief history of the area around. The earlier people here built a community here and schools for the christians. The christians were divided into 2 sections. Their ideas were rejected and refused by the churches in Europe. This misunderstanding makes the christians to build underground city for hiding. So this hiding went on and until the Turks came, one of the Ottoman sultans gave them their freedom to come out of their hiding. That is the historical aspect.
Nearby the underground city, there's a lot of shops. I managed to buy 3 pieces of very nice table runner which only 15 Lira for one piece and cushion cover, 20 Lira for 3 pieces.

jom shopping
sourvenir, table cloth, cushion cover...can get it here...reasonable price...
Underground City of Kaymakli....entrance 5 Lira
at underground tunnel
everyone had to be careful with the holes......
Capadocia also known as 'The Land of the Beautiful Horse'. We were taken to the Valley of Pasabag and Uchisar Village. More popular now as " The Flinstone House". Erosion and rain eventually caused the outer edges of the high plateau with sharp pointed highlands - conical shape mounts more like. This process still continue on to this day. The present panorama would change yet again over the years to come. But what stands in front of my eyes now was a uniquely, breathtaking view of God's earth...Allah's creation. Lets the pictures speak for themselves.

unique panorama
Breathtakingly pictures, takes my breath away. I am simply enchanted transported to another world!
so impressed
the 25 of us..... peace
the younger age members
handycrafts by the locals

hand made table cloth
Continuing on with the sightseeing, we were then headed to the Onyx Stonehouse, the most beautiful turquoise gem I have ever seen. We were greeted by a friendly man who explained the science of the gemstone. Turquoise, on the other hand, means Turkish stone, a beautifully dazzling blue colour. He went on with his explanations, claiming that turquoise is the only living stone/gem as it can chage the colours.

view of the showrooms
di mana ada bunga....di situlah diriku ada... :)
The Flinstone House
lihatlah dunia.....
guess??? what is this????
the answer is ICE CREAM. The best ice cream ever tasted...only 2 Lira
This Turkish guy is so eager to take picture with me. He save my pic in his handphone camera.
Suasana yang mendamaikan
We were then treated lunch to an interesting place. Such a romantic restaurant. It was comfortably relaxing place. They served with 3 course lunch : spaghetti, soup and baked fish. The relaxing atmosphere was further enhanced by a Turkish musical instrument. He sang 'Alibaba' song which is a popular song from Alibaba Bujang Lapok Film. Atilla said that song was 'ciplak' from Turkey. Is it true?. If Allahyarham Tan Sri P. Ramlee still alive, I would ask him where did he got that song from.
pumpkin soup....
fish with rice
Turkish Delights - Barklava
waiting to be served
Hj Othman enterframe lahhh.......
romantic atmosphere
entertained with music....Alibaba song
we stopped by at one of the mosque to perform solat and i found this grape tree at this area....can see the green grape.....
the road side at Cappadocia
After prayer we were taken to visit pottery manufacturer. The pottery factory is located in a cave. The designs on the pottery are made in hand printed. This beautiful crafts are simply too expensive. I bought it one at Grand Bazaar and it is much more cheaper than here.

a demonstration
the artist with painting designs
posing okay!!!

pottery with beautiful designs

From the pottery house, we proceeded to a very quiet little village. It displays natural rock around Cappadocea. Simply unique and has to be there to appreciate its beauty. Honestly, I find it very difficult to express its beauty with the majestic rocks that surround you. Look at the photo....very fantastic.

with sha....
land of the beautiful horses

breathtakingly beautiful

After dinner, we were offered an option to attend a traditional dance show and whirling dirwish show. We need to pay 40USD to those who willing to joint it. Only 14 of us were there. It started with whirling dirwish show which is together with selawat upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad. Then followed by traditional show by the Turkish men and ladies. It takes about 2 hours show. Weather at night reach at 5 degrees.

this show serves with light snacks
the 14 of us
whirling derwish show
fantastic show....
jom bergelek....
traditional dance

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