November 17, 2008

Day 2 (27th Oct) : Amazing Turkey !

Day 2 : Bahrin - Turkey

Early morning, after breakfast and rigorous bout of photo snapping nearby the hotel, we departed to Bahrain airport to fly off to Turkey. Flight as scheduled around 10.10 am local time and approximately 4 hours to arrive Turkey. I was full of anticipation and excited to say the least.

photo snapping at hotel cafe...breakfast time
breakfast time..
with sha.....
at entrance of Bahrain International Hotel
Bahrain town.....nearby the hotel
ehhh...nak tunggu bas ke tu???

with Siti and Sha
Bahrain International Hotel... we stay at this hotel
Bahrain car plat number
pencakar langit di Bahrain
Bahrain Twin Tower
Bahrain International Airport

At the airport, I managed to buy a fridge magnet of Bahrain. The price is about 3USD. Bahrain is not a place for shopping as we know that the currency here is too high which is 1 Dinar = RM10. Alhamdulillah, we finally landed Istanbul at 1.10pm local time. It was 6 hours differences from Malaysia. After arriving, we managed to change our USD notes to Lira at the airport. 1USD = 1.75 Lira.

Bahrain Airport
Airport at Bahrain
Bahrain Airport.....not so big as we know population of Bahrain is so small
Gulf Air
on board....Gulf Air
the Gulf Air food......potato and lamb
can see Istanbul
Finally landed at Attartuk International Airport, Istanbul

As we checked out the airport, there was already a representative from Renk United Travel. A middle age brown haired gentleman was waiting for us. He was holding the POTO signboard. His name is ATILLA. In Malaysia this name sounds like lady's name. Atilla would eventually as our tourist guide here in Turkey. Then, we headed to surau at this airport to perform solat jamak. Surau in Turkish language is mescit. From then, all of us headed into the coach and were off to Bursa our first destinantion. We will spent the night there.

while waiting for luggage
at Istanbul Airport
berposing di celahan bag-bag.....
Atilla was explainning something about our 10 days trip

This time we were just passing through Istanbul. The journey to Bursa takes about 90 minutes bus ride and plus 40 minutes ferry ride across the Gemilik Bay. While we were in the ferry, we managed to talk with local Turkish ladies wearing tudung. They asked us whether we are from Indonesia and they seems so excited to get to know us. They gave me tasbih as sourvenir. We found a communication breakdown while talking with them. They dont understand English and not able to speak English too. Dah jadi macam ayam dan itik. Muahahaha!!!!

on the way to Bursa from airport

Housing area at Istanbul....Europe
Across Fateh Bridge at Boshphorus Straits.....between Asia and Europe
posing dalam bus
our group for this trip only 25 persons.....
our bus go into the ferry....outside was cold 12 degree celcius
on ferry across Gemilik Bay
with Dr Siti Haida..... our new friend during this trip
masa ni dah sejuk giler....control tak pakai glove tu....

It was getting dark there by 5pm and the mild weather upon landing at Istanbul airport and bitingly cold on the moving ferry. There was a cafeteria on the first deck of the ferry, where I could really appreciate a cup of hot Turkish tea. Getting off the ferry 40 minutes later, we continued our journey for a further 60 minutes to reach Bursa.

Turkish excited knowing us
at cafe...... we took Turkish tea
with Sha and Kak Maria
foods and drinks
Cup corn dah jadi cucur badak....hahahaha
banyaknya burung kat sini.....sejukkkkk
bus driver, Adem....tgh tukar tayar......tayar pancit 10 minutes before we reach hotel in Bursa

Our journey for today ended at Caravansaray Hotel, right in heart of Bursa City. Tomorrow we shall visit place of interests, Green Mosque and Silk Bazaar, before we headed to our next destination. Weather here is 12 degree celcius.

we took dinner at hotel
salad with olive oil, cheese, creamer and soup
desert......sedap nyaaaa.

After dinner, I and another 3 of my friends, Sha, Siti and Dr Siti were out for sight seeing Bursa town which only nearby our hotel. The weather was so cold. Sha managed to buy one nice long dress. Most of the shops here sell winter coat as we know winter season is around the corner most probably next month.

nite at Bursa
shops in Bursa
variety of winter coats
the hotel room at Caravansaray Hotel, Bursa


gadhogadho said...

group trip ko ni ramai gak ke? rege pakej berapa ribu? kat sana ada keluar duit extra lagi tak?

syarliz said...

Group ni 25 orang aje. Harga package RM4888 all in. Tapi ada optional tour yg kena bayar lain lah spt traditional dance show, hot air balloon and boshphorus cruise. Kalau taknak joint optional tour ni pun takpa.