November 20, 2008

Day 4 (29th Oct) : Amazing Turkey !

Day 4 : Pamukkale

We had a good rest last night before we proceed on another long journey. Early morning after breakfast, our first stop at Cotton Castle and old town of Roman Hierapolis that was bulit on the 2nd Century by King Eumenes II of Pergamon. Every one was so eager and excited to enter the Cotton Castle. Pamukkale earning its name from the word Cotton Castle in Turkish - Pamuk (Cotton) and Kale (Castle). Uniquely captivating is the description first come to my mind as i watch the white hilly terrace with craters of hot water (95 degree celcius). The hot water is rich with mineral and high calcium. Now, the water become less and less because of nature reason. Pamukkale is a famous tourist attraction of Turkey. Tourists travel from the coast of Antalya and the Aegean Sea to Pamukkale as it is one of two World Heritage Sites in Turkey, together with Hierapolis.

breakfast at hotel
posing outside of the hotel
from left : kak kalsum, siti, sha, kak izan, liz and dr siti
welcome to cotton castle
the entrance.....cotton castle
people thought it's is cotton castle

cotton castle....the world heritage of Turkey
the water is hot
acara tunjuk betis...muahahaha
with sha.....
this place is tourist attraction

i like the scenery
at cafe.....
After Pamukkale, our journey continued to next destination, Konya. Along the journey, we can see a lot of olive tree and cotton tree. Then, stopped by at textile factory which produce good quality of cotton towel, table cloth, cushion cover etc. I didnt buy anything here because the price is too expensive eventhough the quality is good.
About Konya
1. the first city in Turkey to accept Islam
2. population = 1 million
3. well planned city
at textile factory
he's not my bf okay!!! this Turkish man shows how to make a cotton table cloth
Atilla said....i'm his 3rd wife and sha is the 2nd.....muahahaha
tak jatuh pun..... yogurt + honey and poppy seeds
original one...... sedap giler!!!!
sedang menikmati yogurt + honey
beautiful scenery.....autumn season
wow...very nice.....the gold leaves
winter time is next month but can see snow on top of the hill..... weather at 10 degree celsius
our lunch menu
lunch at this restaurant
all of us
today is Turkey's indipendent day
outside of the restaurant
Then, we arrived at Konya. Next destination is to museum. Once i exit the coach, i can see many Turkish university students around there. And suddenly one of them asked me whether they can take photos with me. Wahhh.... seems like a popular artis. I assumed that they are so excited to see Malaysian here especially the Muslim.
We visit Mevlana Museum Celaludin Rumi I, which displays a large variety of Islamic artifacts in Turkey. Can see Al-Quran from different era and a box containing the beloved Prophet Muhammad's hair from his bear.
these are the Turkish students.....they are so eager to take photos with me and sha
the museum
look nice

the museum building

roses at garden nearby the museum
wanginya rose ni......
posing with sha at the garden
Then, it was dark once we stopped by at Sultanhani Caravanserai. This place is one of the stops that was built during the Silk Route era. The largest and the best caravanserai of the seljuks. It was bulit in 1224. It consist of 2 sections : open and covered ones. The open yard was used in summer and covered one was used in winter.

the caravanserai.....
when we arrived this was dark
sourvenir shop
It was very late evening when we arrived Cappadocia. We had our long awaited dinner after the long journey.

the bed room at Cappadocia


gadhogadho said...

cantiknya turkey ni... masa tu awal autumn kan? byk ke brg2 ko beli? ko tak paparkan kat sini ke?

syarliz said...

Turkey memang cantik sangat. Berbaloi aku gi. Masa tu memang tgh autumn....tapi sejuk nak mampus. Pernah satu ketika sampai 5 degree. Brg2 yg aku shopping nanti aku tunjuk di penghujung cerita. Tungguuuuu!!!!