November 19, 2008

Day 3 (28th Oct) : Amazing Turkey!

Day 3 : Bursa

From 10 days tour in Turkey, what i can say Turkey is a history, romance, adventure and mystery place. All roll in one beautiful package.
As early 7.00 am, after breakfast, the 25 of us were busy and rigourously snapping photos outside the hotel in Bursa. We were ready with our bags packed and continued with our tour to Bursa city. The main attraction here are Green Mosque, Grand Mosque and Silk Bazaar.

breakfast at Kervansaray Hotel, Bursa
in front of the hotel
Bursa City.....early morning not so busy

other attraction in Bursa is Uludag...but we not going to that place
with Sha.....
From left : Dr Siti, Sha, Liz and Kak Maria

About Bursa

1. Population = 2 million
2. The last destination of the Silk Road
3. Known as Silk City
4. Textile Industry
5. Automatif Industry ( produce FIAT and Renault)

The Ingenious Reverse Triangle designs outside the mosque

First, we visit Green Mosque at the right city of Bursa. This mosque was built in 7 years from 1412 - 1419. It was made with stone and green marbles. Now you know why it is called Green Mosque. The mosque is looked more sombre with not as many of Ottoman touches. Our interesting point was the ingeniously designed reverse triangle designs which decrate the mosque. During fasting month, when it comes to berbuka puasa, the light will on at both of the 2 towers of the mosque. It shows that they can start eating.

Green Mosque
inside the mosque
can see the green marbles inside the mosque
outside of the mosque

Grand Mosque, on the other hand. It was built in 1399. Being too impressed with the fascinating architechture of the ancient mosques. We were told that the main design for Grand Mosque had the strong floral influence of the Ottoman. We spent about 20 minutes in the mosque with photo snapping as well as performing solat sunat. Thinking of praying in mosque more than 500 years, was indeed a humbling experience. One more thing that i found interesting was that, although Turkey is strictly secular but we still can find mosque almost every 1 km along the way. So interesting!!!!

inside the Grand Mosque
arah kiblat
Grand Mosque, Bursa
i like the scenery
on our way back to coach, we met up these 3 sweet Turkish teens. They are so excited to see us and wanna take photos with me and Sha. Hahaha...dah macam artis pulakk!!!!!!!
para jelitawan...muahahaha

Then, we stopped momentarily at the Silk Bazaar. The existing silk stores were just opening when we made our way there. I managed to buy one piece of Pashmina, only 10 Lira. Then, walk around admiring the location with nice scenery surrounding the building. At the bazaar, can see lots of Pashmina, silk scaft, ponchos and tudung Turki. As usual, we still need to bargain the price.

like the scenery
The Silk Bazaar
good customer service
a lot of things here.....especially silk textile...still expensive
nice architechtural......the silk bazaar
this place located in the centre of the building
outside of the building.....sorry i dont understand Turkish language
artistic building....the Silk Bazaar
From left : Atilla, En Yaacob, Hj Othman and ....... (lupa nama)
toasted bread available here
road side at Bursa City

From Bursa, we were about to embark 6 hours bus ride to Pamukkale. A long drive and stop for lunch and prayer. Most of the time it was between looking at the beautiful scenery or sleep for all of us. Along the journey, out tour leader Hj Othman decided to make the trip more lively by making each one of us to introduce ourselves. On the whole, it was a good way of breaking the ice amongst us. Masa inilah baru tahu background setiap ahli dalam kumpulan ini. Semuanya datang sebagai suami isteri kecuali Hj Othman, En Razak (married man yang tak bawa wife) , Siti from Kuantan, my partner Sha and me.

di sepanjang jalan banyak jual bawang, labu dan buah2an
beautiful scenery along our way to Pamukkale
can see a lot of olive tree along the highway
the original OLIVE or buah Zaitun
we took lunch at a restaurant nearby the highway......the best kebab ever tested
Appetisers - Salad with olive oil and lemon
Salad is here
we took lunch here
we reach Pamukkale at night...... took our dinner at the hotel here
checked in at Villa Lycus, Pamukkale

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