January 16, 2009

Lepak at JCO Donuts & Coffee

It has been few months i never been to this place. Busy maa.
Last 2 days betul-betul buatku tension dan tertekan di office sampaikan for one whole day i never take any food. Fully concerntrate on my final touch for presentation on that day. Kalau niat puasa....dah tentu dapat pahala sunat. Habis presentation...lega ada....bengang ada....geram pun ada. Then, rasa mcm nak lepak somewhere and tenangkan fikiran. After maghrib terus call nor to temankan gi Jco Donuts at Pavillion. Daniel pun ada.
Sorry i'm not in a good mood to talk about the presentation. I hate when there's people who dont have any background in statistics or market research, but please dont talk too much!!!!

model terbaru untuk JCO
Daniel with the power rangers action
nor and daniel
nice deco at Pavillion.....CNY Celebration

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