March 19, 2009

Jakarta-Bandung .... Here I Come. Again !!!!!! i come......

I'm off now.

The last time I went to Jakarta was last year. This is the third time i'd been there. Will be updating once back from Jakarta.

Be ready to read about my journey blog yah!!


orangrawa said... going to JKT too....katmana hotel best dekat shopping area?

Leez said...

orang rawa.... kalau nak dekat dgn Mangga Dua stay kat Grandeur Hotel and kalau nak dekat dgn Tanah Abang jln kaki 5 minit stay kat Hotel N1....bila nak pi tu?

Anonymous said...

akum leez,

sms pak erwan, he will charge 500k for a day in jakarta.
another thing, should i exchange my ringgit in KL?some suggest that i should bring some USD, and exchange it over to IDR in jakarta because we'll get higher rate. but i supposed when you exchange from ringgit to USD to IDR it will turn out to be the same i guess...