February 11, 2009

Memorable Trip to China, Thailand and Indonesia in 2000

How do I bring you to this side of nine years of memory?

Trip to Beijing, China

These photos bring back my 2000 Bejing, China trip memory. It remind me with the Seven Wonders of the Word ....The Great Wall of China.

I went there with my close friend, Sha. Areas visited like China Great Wall, Tianamen Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Beijing World Park, Beijing Under Ground City and Tian Jin. A most enjoyable and enlightening trip. It was the best trip I had in memory.

with Sha at Tianamen Square
at Tianamen Square, Beijing
The Great Wall of China

I wuz ere.....the Seven Wonders of the World
entrance of Beijing World Park
Angkor Wat.... at World Park
London Bridge..... at World Park
China Ceramic
at Muslim Restaurant, Beijing
Beijing City.... it was 9 years ago
Bicycle their main transport
Mosque at Beijing
Shopping at Tian Jin.... this is cultural village

Trip to Bangkok-Hadyai, Thailand

My trip experience in Bangkok-Hadyai became a cherished memory for me. It was in 2000 and we went there by bus. Just imagine!! Many hours in the bus from KL to Hadyai and further more up to Bangkok. One of the interesting of this trip was a visit to Kanchanaburi War Cemetery and River Kwai historical area in Thailand.

Journey to Bangkok by bus brings a lot of memory makes this trip more enjoyable. Experience with floating market at Damnoan Saduak always in my mind. In Bangkok, we visit Safari World, Grand Palace, Chatuchak and Floating Market.

This trip really brings back a lot of memory in my life.

tuk-tuk in Bangkok
Grand Palace, Bangkok
Safari World, Bangkok
Safari World, Bangkok
Floating market at Damnoan Saduak
at Hadyai

Trip to Padang-Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia

I want to share my stories of my trips to these gorgeous places in Sumatera Barat, Indonesia....Padang-Bukit Tinggi. I went there with my family in 2000. Not many photos were taken for this trip. The most beautiful place in Bukit Tinggi was Singkarak heaven. I love Nasi Padang food here....yummy yummy.

Here are few photos that fresh up our memory along with valuable learnings and trip experience.

at Lembah Anai Air Mancur.....
alat muzik yg mengiringi tarian minang
Malindo Hotel, Bukit Tinggi

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