February 8, 2009

BBGS Reunion


That's the best to describe the reunion of my batch of BBGS. It was 20 years for me because i left BBGS after Form 3. Thanks to Fariza who had done great job in organizing this reunion...the place and the food.

The reunion was held at Tupai-tupai Restaurant which is the first reunion for me after left BBGS. There were about 20 of us and plus few teachers from BBGS Primary School. This is an opportunity to know each other what everyone is doing now and how many children they have. It is also time to remember the old memories and to get together after 20 years never seen. Some of them i still can remember their face but not theirs names.

The reunion was great and i would like to believe that everyone had a good time. Can see how some of them have changed in how they look after all these years.

all of us...
few of us and the teachers
From left (standing) - Anitra, Norhaniza and me
From left (sitting) - Juliana, Muszrina, Azlina and Ika

From left (standing) - Ika and me
From left (sitting) - Norhaniza, Hazel, Laily, Azlina and Juliana
From left (standing) - Hazel and Zarina
From left (sitting) - Salaswati, Fazillah and me
Hazel, Laily and Azlina
From Left : Anitra, me, Hanita and Fazillah
the food...
the cake....

Anitra and Hanita
with Fariza...the organizer......thank you!!!
with Laily..... muka tak berubah...comel sentiasa
with Muszrina.....u look gorgeous..
with Ika....
with Norhaniza.... she's a teacher in MRSM
with Azlina...
with Zarina...
with Fazillah...lembut sentiasa
with Salaswati...
with Hanita
with Juliana Yeoh... she's a nurse in USA
with Dona...

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