August 20, 2008

Day 3 - Bangkok Trip (9th-12th August 2008)

breakfast time....only took breads and fruits

After breakfast early in the morning, we continued our third day trip for Chao Phraya River Boat. From BTS Ratchatewi to BTS Saphan Taksin takes about 12 minutes. Not far from the station we already can see the Sathorn Pier Station for this cruise. We only pay RM12 per person for day pass trip. Ayooo....the river dah mcm air teh tarik. Bau pulak amat meng'hanyir'kan. But just because nak try to have experience melalui this river....buat dek ajelah dgn bau tu. From first station to the end and return back to Maharaj Station. We stopped here because we wanna go to Grand Palace. Just five minutes walking distance from this station. Masa melalui jalan ke Grand Palace.....banyak pokok2 redup yg menyejukkan perjalanan kami. Along the journey ada byk penjual meniaga di kaki lima.
Long tail boat....mostly the locals use this boat
Wat Arun

This is the tourist boat....RM12 for day pass
Nampak tak Wat Arun??

This is the way to Grand Palace.....sejuk nyaman aje....a lot of peniaga kaki lima here

For those people who wanna go to Grand Palace, they have to wear in proper way....bersopanlah. No short pants, no sleeve less and no mini skirt. My brother wearing short pants and he needed to sewa long pant with RM100 deposit...can get back the money. Punyalah panjang beratur nak sewa long pant tu. This place was full with tourist and kebetulan plak tomorrow is Queen Birthday. We dont get into the Grand palace, just stay around the entrance for photos snapping. They charge RM25 per person to enter the place. Ambil gambar pun more than enough. For me not worth to pay RM25 just because to see patung2 berhala tu. Hmmm....i would rather spent the money to buy new blouse. Hahaha.

Grand Palace

Thailand Grand Palace ..... Sawadikapp

Then, we headed back to BTS Saphan Taksin by the river boat. From there, we continued our journey to MBK for shopping and stopped at BTS National Stadium. MBK is such a huge mall and sentiasa penuh dgn manusia. We took our lunch here at MBK Internation Food Court at 5th floor. We ordered Muslim food at one of the stalls. We eat Beriyani and Chicken Fried Rice. The taste was not bad....bolehlah. The food quite expensive...hhmmm international food what u expect.

Prawn Fried Rice
Fried rice with chicken sause

Shopping session dah bermula. I bought some kusyen cover lagi kat sini with different designs compared the one i bought at Chatuchak yesterday. I also bought table runner and knapsack bag only at RM50 after discount. Memang worth it because this type of bag paling murah RM70 kat Chatuchak. At MBK there are lots of shoe and bag sold here....with only RM19.90 per item. But for me the quality is not so good. I spent about RM80 for a pair of leather shoes...memang berbaloi. After dah penat bershopping, kaki pun dah lenguh. Kami buat foot massage. Only RM30 per hour plus free massage kat tengkuk and kepala. Bestnyaaa.

MBK..... can shopping here at reasonable price

Bestnya foot massage kat sini

On our way back to hotel, singgap jap kat Siam Paragon to snap photos. A lot of people melepak kat entrance of this shopping complex. This mall looks like our KLCC.

Siam Paragon

Posing with the queen of thailand......thai people love their king and queen

At night, we went to Silom Road. We took our dinner at Deen Restaurant. The ordered tomyam, siakap tiga rasa, telur bungkus and spaghetti. The taste really bad. Menyesal pulak gi restaurant ni. Belum rasa baru tengok food tu pun dah tau memang tak sedap. You guys have a look the food pic. The tomyam pakai kiub aje kot. Memang hampeh.

Deen restaurant.....not recommended

Tomyam yang hampeh...can you see the tomyam is so oilly

Telur bungkus.....tak sedap langsung

Spaghetti...... boleh tahanlah

Then we headed to Patphong Night Market. This place look like our Petaling Street. Except for the pub yg very the open. If u wanted Thai girls, you can get here. Siap menari2 atas meja tu. Hehehe. Rasa mcm nak snap dari jauh tapi tak beranilah. At this place i bought Guess wallet for about RM25 as i was their first customer. Damn good bargain. Eventhough it was only immitation item but the quality is good. Not many choices to shop here and we took cab and direct to Suan Lum Night Bazaar. Such a huge night market....really amazing. But not so many people shopping here. Most of them lepak to see band performance from Thailand. Still can order food and drinks. I bought 2 pairs of sport shoes and anyaman slipper for my brother. Then we headed back to hotel. Penat giler nak mampus for today's itinerary.

Patphong Night Market

Immitation branded stuff was here.....Patphong Night market

This is PatPhong Night Market

Pub yg very the open kat Patphong ni

Kat Suan Lum Night Bazaar

ni lah tempat lepak yg ada band performance tu....

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