August 15, 2008

Day 2 - Bangkok Trip (9th-12th August 2008)

At 8.00 we took breakfast at this hotel. Banyak choice but we only eat bread and fruits. Tak confident nak makan other food almaklumlah they served non-halal food.

breakfast at hotel

Then we headed to Chatuchak Weekend Market from BTS Ratchatewi to BTS Mo Chit. As we arrived the place, not so many people and few of the shops not open yet. As i know, Chatuchak is the largest market in Asean. Anything that you want, you can get at this place. You also can bargain up to 50%. Ada macam-macam benda kat sini such as blouse, shirts, bags, shoes, trendy home item, pets, fruits etc. I bought 3 pieces shirt blouse, lampu hiasan and photo album. We were not able to cover every shops and cuaca agak panas. Banyak minum air, eat fruits and jus. We took lunch at Muslim gerai at section 16 nearby Clock Tower. The only Muslim gerai at Chatuchak. We ate beriani chicken and meehoon tomyam. The taste is just okay. Kaki pun dah lenguh dan tak larat nak meneruskan aktiviti bershopping. Then about 2.30 pm we went back to hotel.

posing at hotel before headed to Chatuchak

BTS Ratchatewi

the skytrain at BTS Ratchatewi

at BTS Mo Chit and can see traffic jam at Chatuchak

the colour

posing at Chatuchak

so colourful.....we can get this at Chatucak

at Chatuchak

the muslim gerai at Chatuchak

beriani chicken

meehoon tomyam...boleh tahan

About 7.00 pm we took our dinner at Mak Yah Restaurant. Only 10 minutes walking distance from our hotel. Sedapnya tomyam kat sini. Semuanya terasa. We ate nasi putih with tomyam, siakap tiga rasa, cashewnut chicken and manggo salad. The food a bit pricey but we don't care about the price. As long as the taste is good and nyummy.

Petchaburi Road yang sentiasa traffic jam

Mak Yah Restaurant.....sedappp sangattt

Tomyam sedap..... A+++

Siakap Tiga Rasa.....yummy

Cashewnut Chicken

Manggo Salad

After kekenyangan, we went to Siam Square. This place is look like Bangsar area. We went to Hard Rock cafe to buy HRC shirts. I bought 2 pieces of HRC shirts. One for me and another one for Alya my inlaw. The location is so convenient and not like our HRC KL... a bit congested.

Posing at Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok

Then we headed to shopping mall in Bangkok like Siam Discovery, Siam Center and Siam Paragon. There's a sale at Siam Paragon but the price still expensive even after discount for branded stuff. I think kat KL lagi murah after discount. Tak beli apa2 pun cuma jalan-jalan aje kat sini. Balik ke hotel we took golf car transport which provided to hotel guest. Only 300 meters from Siam Paragon to hotel.

Siam Centre

Siam Paragon

posing at Siam Paragon

from Sian Paragon back to hotel by this golf of charge.

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