September 9, 2008

Shopping at Bangkok

Continued again with my shopping trip at Bangkok. This time I would like to share with you guys what are the things that i've been bought during my entire stay at Bangkok. Wow!!! shopping heaven at Bangkok. Have a look at the photos.

Here they are....... gilosss

leather shoes only RM80(left top), anyaman slipper RM10 and 2 sport shoes RM30 each....murah kan???

the lady blouse only at buy 3 pieces with same fashion can get RM20 each

selendang RM8.....i can get this price at Chatuchak Market

thai silk cushion cover RM10 (top) and RM8 (below)

pashmina RM10 and thai silk table runner RM30

photo album RM20.....very the classic

HRC tshirt RM45 (left) and RM83 (right)

Thailand tshirt RM8 each......i bought this tshirt at wholesale market Pratunam

knapsack bag RM50 (blue) leather bag RM75 (white), RM50 (white/gold), classic bag (RM10) and Guess wallet (RM25)

trendy table lamp RM15 each


orangrawa said...

leez...bangkok memang sorga sopping...I paling suke sgt ke chatuchak....macam2 ade!

leez said...

bro orangrawa- memang giler shopping kat sana. Chatuchak tu best gak tapi tak tahan panaslah kat sana...